The Superbook: Turn your smartphone into a laptop


Ever dream of something which can give the freedom to use your smartphone’s absolute power as a brain to a PC or/and all your work, files and apps on a bigger platform. If not think now!!

Welcome to the Superbook – A device that can transform your Smartphone into your PC
with the Universal Laptop Dock exclusively for Android devices.

Image may contain: phone and screen


Unleash your productivity with a larger screen, keyboard, trackpad and a true desktop interface. Be productive anytime, anywhere.

Stay connected anywhere

The Superbook uses your smartphone’s data and Bluetooth (and wifi) capabilities. You’ll never have to rely on wifi again.

A new phone is a new laptop

The Superbook is future-proof and compatible with all modern Android devices. It’s like getting a new laptop every time you upgrade your phone.

Key Features:

Dock and transform any modern Android device to into a full laptop experience

Large 11.6″ HD display, 8 hrs of battery, and full keyboard and trackpad

Sentio app provides a true desktop experience, compatible with millions of Android apps.

Charges your Android device (works for Type-C and select Micro-B devices)

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